Donne at Sermons. A Christian Existential World - Carrithers, Gale. H.


In Donne at Sermons, Gale Carrithers uncovers the theocentric existentialism that underlies the content and structure of the great poet-preacher's sermons. After considering Donne's grand strategies within the generic form of the sermon, the author gives detailed expositions of four individual sermons, moving freely from Donne's ontology to his nimble metaphor. Initially, this study defines the genre of sermon and considers how to evaluate its literary or artistic success. The author places the sermon in its actual setting, both in a physical church and in church liturgy. Here Carrithers makes use of present-day ideas concerning sound in space, concepts which he also utilizes when he anatomizes the role and purpose of the preacher. The author stresses how Donne could give great immediacy to his discourse through his actual participation as preacher--not only as speaker of the sermon, but as a character in its substance as well. Still viewing the sermons as one homogeneous body, Carrithers examines the assumpt...
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