Daemonology (paintings) - Dan Perfect


For his 2009 Daemonology series, Dan Perfect has conjured 26 numinous beings, from Amaethon--the Welsh agricultural deity--to Zadkiel--the biblical angel of mercy. A strange and indifferent company, these small luminous paintings are full of unusual colors and unexpected shapes that simultaneously reveal and conceal a face. The paintings challenge the viewer to discern faces or figures in the abstraction and this group of portraits examines notions of illusion and projection, while firmly referencing our need to define and order the world around us. The 26 full color images are accompanied by a text by John Paul-Stonard, which explores the works' relationship to the make-believe.
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2010Uitgever: Ridinghouse,48 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 1905464274ISBN-13: 9781905464272
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