Cultural Atlas of France. - Ardagh, John|COLIN JONES


Endeavors to explore France's heritage, both in terms of the past as well as the present since as a nation for many centuries it has played a central role in European history and civilization, its cultural and intellectual achievements having had the widest influence. Divided into four parts: the first discusses geographical background (land, climate, peoples); the second French history (up to 1991), the third, France today (society, culture, intellectual life); and, the fourth, a regional portrait of France (stresses the importance of the various regions within this diverse nation). Lively and authoritative text is complemented by high-quality photography, artwork and unique (50) maps.
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1992Uitgever: Andromeda Books/Time Life240 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 070540868XISBN-13: 9780705408684
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