Conversion to Islam. Competing Themes in Early Islamic Historiography. - IBRAHIM, A. S.,


This remarkably thorough book overturns the facile notion that the first Muslim historians had little to say about conversion to Islam. Ayman Ibrahim tracks down the myriad stories they told about the all-important conversions of Muhammad's inner circle, showing how the political and religious commitments of each writer guided his narrative. He has given us an authoritative account of conversion themes and topoi in the debates that tore the early Muslim community apart. It is a book that has much to teach us about how conversion was represented and imagined in early Islamic history Luke B. Yarbrough, University of California, Los Angeles |a 11/02/2021 (Publisher's information).
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2021Uitgever: Oxford University Press320 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0197530710ISBN-13: 9780197530719
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