Contemporary Japanese Design - Sian Evans


The merits of Japanese design are now acknowledged throughout the world. This book explores how this phenomenon has come about - how Japan's achievement has been built not only on the ability to learn from, and surpass, the West, but also on a inherent pragmatism and respect for centuries-old traditions. Tracing the cultural origins, the book illustrates how many of the factors determining contemporary Japanese design have their roots in the past. It also discusses the rationale behind the Japanese approach, gives an area-by-area examination of the fields in which the nation excels, and looks at its influence on design worldwide, in such fields as fashion, architecture and science. Sian Evans specialized in Japanese studies at The Royal College of Art and is the author of "In the Oriental Style".
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1991Uitgever: Collins & Brown224 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 1855850338ISBN-13: 9781855850330
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