Bamana - Colleyn, Jean Paul. (ed.).

the art of existence in Mali


With contributions by Mary Jo Arnoldi, James T. Brink, Rene A. Bravmann, Jean-Paul Colleyn, David C. Conrad, Kate Ezra, Barbara E. Frank, Salia Mal?, Patrick McNaughton.nThis exhibition provides the most complete examination ever undertaken of the Bamana people of Mali, affording unprecedented insight into the living art and culture that is, in numerous ways, a paradigm for many West African traditions. The Art of Existence features approximately 90 Bamana art objects, photographs, and video footage taken in field study. A concurrent exhibition at the Museum Rietberg in Zurich will feature objects from European collections
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2002Uitgever: Exhibitions InternationalIllustrator: C. de Clipper224 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 905349359XISBN-13: 9789053493595
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