Authenticity as self-transcendence : the enduring insights of Bernard Lonergan. - McCarthy, Michael H.


Michael H. McCarthy has carefully studied the writings of Bernard Lonergan (Canadian philosopher-theologian, 1904-1984) for over fifty years. In his 1989 book, The Crisis of Philosophy, McCarthy argued for the superiority of Lonergan's distinctive philosophical project to those of his analytic and phenomenological rivals. Now in Authenticity as Self-Transcendence: The Enduring Insights of Bernard Lonergan, he develops and expands his earlier argument with four new essays, designed to show Lonergan's exceptional relevance to the cultural situation of late modernity. The essays explore and appraise Lonergan's cultural mission: to raise Catholic philosophy and theology to meet the intellectual challenges and standards of his time.
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2015Uitgever: Notre Dame [IN], University of Notre Dame, 2015.436 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0268035377ISBN-13: 9780268035372
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